Friday, October 2, 2009

Home Run Health Care

Health care has become a main topic of discussion in the white house ever since Obama has become president, but congress seems unable to settle on any aspect of the conflict. The editorial, “Time for Congress to step to plate", by Cecile Richards, talks about Senator Baucus’ bill on health care, and just on health care in general. She first talks about the failure of a bill, in her opinion, which was presented by senator Max Baucus. She then proceeds to write about her opinions over the health care subject. I agree with her opinions on both Baucus’ bill and health care in general. She describes the first as being a sacrifice bunt for others to work off of. He might not gain any ground with it, but he certainly opens the field for others. However, just because the field is open doesn’t mean that we are suddenly going to have a perfect “home run” bill presented to us. Richards’ other argument over how congress seems to be not taking any action over our health care situation. I agree that congress just seems to be stalled over petty arguments even though we need to make progress in this area before it is too late. Some of these opinions I had formed before I read this article, but even if I had no prior knowledge on the subject I think that the devices that Richards uses would still persuade us to agree with her. First, she uses the analogy of baseball to help us understand her points better. America is not as knowledgeable with the government as we used to be, so using baseball is a great way to catch attention and to provide an easy to understand explanation of the situation. Because of this analogy, I think her intended audiences are the regular citizens of the United States. If it were intended for people involved in the government already, then she wouldn’t need the baseball analogy for explanation. Even if I agree with her, however, there is nothing left to do but listen and wait for someone to finally pull ahead in this very heated debate over health care in the United States.

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