Friday, September 18, 2009

How far is too far?

While trying to bring the United States out of debt, war, and an economy that never seems to rise, the government has taken more control than they have in the past. This may be necessary with a nation where its citizens seem oblivious to its government, but how far is too far? Are we, the citizens of America, just going to sit and daydream while our government obtains more power over our everyday lives? Of course, it’s too early to say that anything like that will happen, but the possibility is there. In the article "Loans R U.S." by Rachel Martin and Mary Bruce, this is addressed. The article discusses a bill that will allow student loans to come straight from the U.S. treasury. This will enable more loans to be made in this economically harsh time, but it also grants more power towards our government. On the one hand, students are being hit hard economically, but Dan Burton points out that, "government control doesn't work." Both are true, therefore this article should be read by all so that we may form our own opinions over the matter, and become more knowledgeable about our government at the same time.

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