Friday, December 4, 2009

Immigration Pains

One of the most debated topics in our government is over immigration laws and how we should enforce them. In Obama’s campaign for presidency he noted that one of his initial priorities would to suggest a series of laws that would essentially allow illegal immigrants to become legal with some restrictions. So far we have heard nothing on the status of this plan, or any plan for immigration for that matter, which frankly disappoints me. I understand that illegal immigration causes an unwanted population boom, but these days it is just too difficult to enter the United States legally. Now, that’s not to say that I support illegal immigration, but I can understand the reasoning for doing what they do.
To enter the United States, the popular course of action is to enter the U.S. and obtaining a work visa while applying for citizenship. This sounds simple enough, but it is a very painstaking process that I completely reject. Finding job is hard enough for people who are already citizens, let alone someone looking to start anew in our “prosperous” country. Secondly, while waiting for citizenship, years can go by and some people are deported during this long period of being stuck on a waiting list. Not only that, but we can only accept so many immigrants at one time, so if we can only take 8,000 out of 9,000 I guess some people are just going to have to miss out. I am fully aware that these obstacles are necessary to keep our population from getting way to out of hand, but I think that we could develop a better plan. Who knows, if we make legal immigration less painful we may even see less and less illegal immigration.