Thursday, November 19, 2009

"Fort Hood Under attack review"

I think that your post entitled, “Fort Hood Under Attack”, regarding the incident at fort hood isn’t really a commentary about the U.S. national government. All you really did was recount what happened and give some opinion about how what happened was “wrong” and that you hope the person responsible will receive due punishment. This is a good opinion to defend, but I could not immediately see a direct tie to the nation government, and you do not provide a connection in your post itself. After careful thought and dissection of your post, I noticed that you could have made an argument about the fact that this person had been posting threats on the internet, but the government had failed to notice. If they had simply noticed this fact earlier then perhaps this situation could have been avoided. Although this could have been a connection to make, you did not argue any position on the subject so I believe that this was not meant to be your main point. The overall tone of your post is extremely against this action taking place, but again, I do not see this as a topic of national government, that could just be me though. I think that this topic has potential to become an argument over a topic of national government, but right now all I read is a summary of a terrible event that took place in Fort Hood, with some work I think that you could definitely develop a very strong argument.

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